Introduction Continued

What is required after registration to get your Certificate of Completion?

1. Take a pre-training assessment

This assessment will measure your current awareness of the 51A Law.  There is no requirement to obtain a certain score.

2. Complete all training lessons

Lesson 1:  Introduction to Mandated Reporting
Lesson 2:  Legal Obligations of a Mandated Reporter
Lesson 3:  Recognizing Child Maltreatment
Lesson 4:  How to Respond When a Child Makes a Disclosure
Lesson 5:  Understanding What Happens After a 51A Report is Filed

3. Take a post-training assessment

This assessment will measure what you learned from the training.  It also is an opportunity for us to get feedback about how to improve the training.

You will need to earn a score of 80% or higher to obtain your Certificate.  You will be given an opportunity to re-take the assessment, if needed, to achieve this goal.